Lightwave 9.6 Modeler Vol #3

This is the third volume in a tool-based learning series on Lightwave 9.6’s Modeler taught by Lightwave Instructor Adam Gibson. Each tool is broken into it’s own video for quick and easy reference. The Modeler Series is designed so that you can find the tool you want to learn about instantly by looking at the name of each video clip.  You don’t have to watch the whole volume in one sitting or be searching through hours of content to find the tool you want to learn about.  Project based video training is great but this video is designed so that the beginner and advanced Lightwave student can learn the software in small chunks and get a better understanding of what each tool does before attempting a project.  No point in teaching someone how to build a house if they’ve never used a hammer. Here we start at the basic so the student is better prepared for more advanced applications of their Lightwave tool set.

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Chapter 1- Intro

Chapter 2-  FlipIt Tool

Chapter 3-  FlipIt Fast Tool

Chapter 4-  Aligner Tool (World Mode)

Chapter 5- Aligner Tool (Foreground to Background Mode)

Chapter 6- Aligner Tool (Background to Foreground Mode)

Chapter 7- Aligner Tool (Absolute Mode)

Chapter 8- Smooth Scale Tool

Chapter 9- Segment Scale Tool

Chapter 10- BG Conform Tool

Chapter 11- Wrap Sphere Tool- Part One

Chapter 12- Wrap Sphere Tool- Part Two

Chapter 13- Mirror Tool

Chapter 14- Mirror X Tool

Chapter 15- Mirror Y Tool

Chapter 16- Mirror Z Tool

Chapter 17- Spin It Tool

Chapter 18- Knife Tool

Chapter 19- Subdivide Tool

Chapter 20- Triple Tool

Chapter 21- Divide Tool

Chapter 22- Fractalize Tool

Chapter 23- Symmetrize Tool

Chapter 24- Split Tool

Chapter 25- Band Saw Tool

Chapter 26- Band Saw Pro Tool

Chapter 27- Make Pole Tool

Chapter 28- Julienne Tool

Chapter 29- Julienne 2 Tool

Chapter 30- Add Points Tool

Chapter 31- Quick Saw Tool