Adam Gibson is a Freelance 3D artist from Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada.  He’s been doing freelance work using Lightwave 3D and various other 3D/2D applications since the early Commodore Amiga/Video-Toaster days. He enjoys doing creature and sci-fi style modeling/texturing projects and has a passion for digital compositing using blue/green screens.

Adam has created  dozens of instructional videos on how to use various 3D programs including, Lightwave, 3D-Coat, Modo, ZBrush and many more. He is also an avid contributor to TurboSquid.com and The3DStudio.com.

Adam is also a 3 x time published book author and has earned a Masters Degree in Taekwondo under the legendary Bill “Superfoot”Wallace-Undefeated World Kickboxing Champion.